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The Royal George is situated in Willenhall town centre, on the busy 529 bus route connecting Wolverhampton to Walsall. The pub was built in two stages, the rear part being built in 1806 and the frontage on New Road in 1809. Originally being built as a coaching house, the pub has also been a hotel and still features bedroom numbers on the original room doors in the living quarters.

We’re not sure who commissioned the build of the Royal George, but over the years it has changed hands from different brewers including Frank Myatt, Atkinson’s and Mitchells & Butlers before being purchased by Angela Donovan in the 90’s.

Willenhall is a small town located in the West Midlands. The earliest record of settlement dates to the 8th century. The town was originally called Willanhale, dating back to the Anglo-Saxon era. It’s probably most famous for its lock industry. As well as being a former home to some of the leading manufactures including Yale, Willenhall also used to home independent lock makers who used to work out of sheds or outhouses at their homes. An example of this can be seen at the Locksmiths House located on New Road, which is run by The Black Country Living Museum.

If you’re interested in learning more about Willenhall’s history, take a look at   www.willenhallhistory.co.uk and http://historywebsite.co.uk/Willenhall.htm where you’ll find out more information.

Bill and Angela are on the right with two M&B representatives. This picture was taken after a refurb in 1984.

How we got to today

Angela and husband Bill came to the Royal George in 1981 as relief managers for Mitchells & Butlers. It wasn’t long before they decided to take the pub on long term after they’d settled in and became friends with the locals.

Sadly, Bill passed away in 1987 leaving Angela with the decision whether to carry on at the Royal George, with the support of her family she decided to stay on. It was in 1992 when Angela was given a choice by the brewery, buy the pub or move out. The brewery had to raise funds for its other leisure interests. After some deliberating, Angela made the decision to buy the pub off the brewery. For many years Angela enjoyed her life at the Royal George and ran a successful pub. She raise thousands of pounds during her time here for various charities and looked after the pensioners over the Christmas period by taking them out for a festive meal. Sadly, in February 2013, she passed away after 32 years of service to the customers of the Royal George, and the town of Willenhall. The Royal George stayed in family hands. Her son John took the pub over, investing in a major refurbishment and turning the Royal George into a fresh drinking establishment, which went down well with the locals. In 2017, John’s main business JJX Logistics was growing phenomenally with the introduction of its storage facilities. So, John made the decision to part with the Royal George. The pub remains within the family, Angela’s grandson, John’s nephew Patrick took over in April 2017, and carries on the same principles of Angela and Bill. Giving the customers the experience in which they enjoy, to keep them coming back!   

We offer great attractions all year round having special promotions and events running throughout the year.

A central point in Willenhall town and is a central attraction where you can always enjoy a good pint

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